Genius Promoter Program

Mastery Genius is an individualized education program
for kids in grades K - 8.

Genius Promoters earn 50% of a new student's first month
payment, followed by 20% a month as long as the subscription stays active.

For more details, see the FAQ section below or ask us question
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Mastery Genius is an online learning software that focuses on the individual needs of each child. There’s no guesswork with Mastery Genius. Students take an adaptive assessment, then we use data from that assessment to see exactly where their academic gaps are. By using our prescriptive curriculum, students can focus on studying the skills they need to master before retesting. We offer this service for a fraction of other online learning software, and we guarantee results.
We offer all Genius Promoters a $10 first month subscription on Mastery Genius so that you can experience the program first hand, see how it works in detail, and learn more about the benefits it will offer your child.
Simply put, you need to first share the link we provide you on your Genius Promoter page. If someone then clicks your link and signs their child up for Mastery Genius, you will earn 50% of the revenue from the first month (typically $15), and 20% of the revenue of each ongoing month for as long as the subscription stays active (typically $6 a month). There is no limit to the number of sign-ups you can have! The table below details what a Genius Promoter could earn.

Month New Sign-Ups New Sign-Up Revenue Returning Sign-Ups Returning Sign-Up Revenue Total Revenue
1 8 $120 0 $0 $120
2 7 $105 8 $48 $153
3 10 $150 15 $90 $240
4 5 $75 25 $150 $225
5 7 $105 30 $180 $285
6 9 $135 37 $222 $357
If a friend signs up using your Genius Promoter link, they earn the same commission as you. As an added bonus, you receive $2 per month for every child that your “sub-affiliate” brings on, for as long as the subscription stays active. So there is an incentive to both encourage parents to sign up, and to encourage friends to become affiliates.
We pay Genius Promoters on the first of each month automatically to your bank account. There is a minimum threshold of $30 to process a payout. If this threshold is not met, the payout will occur the first month it would equal $30 from combined months.
When you first register for the Genius Promoter Program, you are assigned a permanent link that will never change. This link looks something like: A custom link can be changed , but will still refer back to the permanent link - it just looks better or more personalized for your friends.
Mastery Genius serves students who are struggling, average, or way ahead. It can serve homeschooled students as well as traditionally schooled students. In short, we believe Mastery Genius is a universal solution for math and reading achievement, individualized and online.

That said, we try to market Mastery Genius as a tutoring replacement, a homeschool solution, or something to just provide supplemental work for any student. Anytime you are talking to other parents about academics, consider mentioning Mastery Genius and sending along your unique link.